Connecting with your true Self and nature. 

With the help of our specialized crew, you are led through the wonderful natural elements the SW Algarve. An experience which has something to offer to each one of us. The Pure Flow Motions hiking, surf and yoga retreats are designed for people that are looking for an insight on their life in a harmonious way, treating both body and mind to become more awake and aware of their lives.

Training Mind & Body

Yoga · Breath Work · Meditation · QiGong · Mindfulness

In this week you will learn the techniques to keep yourself happy, strong and healthy. This will be done through practices of Yoga, QiGong, Mindfulness training and breath work.

Yoga exercises are the essential elements  to connect with your mind, body and Nature. The yoga will be in the styles of Iyengar, Yin, Shivananda and Mindfulness. In the mornings the yoga sessions will be more active to get you ready to ride the waves during the day, get more aware of your body, achieve more flexibility and go beyond your limits.  In the afternoon more relaxing and restorative to give you the necessary  relaxation and inner peace just before a great vegetarian meal and a restorative sleep. An important part of yoga is meditation. During the sessions there will also be a lot of Breath Work done. Through breathing practice we can learn to work with all other systems in the body as well and open up, strengthen and relax mind and body. 

QiGong is a wonderful ancient Chinese method of meditative movements, breathing and meditations it is a great way to relax and connect mind and body. 
It is a very effective and relaxed way to create health and strength and to enlighten our consciousness. 

Meditation is extremely helpful for a conscious and free mind. Training it in a positive way makes you more ready for your daily challenges and your look into life will be broader and connected to the LIFE.

 This retreat has an intense yoga course included in which you will deepen your understanding whether you are a complete beginner or if you have been practicing for many years already. 

 Michaël Bijker will teach the yoga and meditation classes on the retreat. He first got into contact with yoga in 1999 and since then has developed a rich understanding of the practice. He is a 800hr YA certified teacher with a yoga therapy certificate. See here for his online yoga and pranayama courses.

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yoga Portugal Algarve retreat

Connect with Nature

Nature walks with our nature guide are the best way to really experience the Natural Park in which this retreat takes place, is hiking through it at a gentle rhythm. This surf yoga retreat in the south west tip of Europe will get you fully connected with nature in the most purest form, hiking along the cliffs, valleys and hills. We choose amazing trails to reveal some of the Algarve's most secret places. You´ll get the joy from walking on these breathtaking paths guided by a local nature guide that  provides you with valuable information about it's unique flora and fauna, geology and local culture of SW Portugal in the most southwestern point of Europe.

Nicolau da Costa will be your nature expert and guide on this retreat.

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Connect with the Ocean

beach walks · Surfing · Stand Up PadDle

Connect with the ocean and enjoy the wonderful beaches the South West of Portugal has to offer.  You can do this by either just enjoy a wonderful beach walk, go for a swim, Surf or do a Stand Up Paddle tour. 

Surfing is a full experience with nature as well as a therapy. For us surfing is the sport that is more connected with one of our favorite elements, Water: the Ocean. Feeling the energy of the waves and understanding that you can use this to have fun and  to enjoy this ride with the help of a board is a unique feeling of freedom. This area is perfect for a surf yoga retreat in Portugal. Ideal for surfing, weather you just start to surf or surf for a long time already. The retreat is both beginners and advanced surfers.

Freeride surfschool will provide with the surf classes on this week.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a great way exercise and to enjoy the wonderful coastline and anyone can do it.  In a very relaxed way paddle along some of the most wonderful coastline of Europe and discover the beauty that you would not be able to see without going for a paddle. Particiapants of the retreat can choose to either go for a SUP session or surfing class. 

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At the Memmo Baleeira you will find well-being for your body and mind. With a space specially for your well being and relaxation, with a range of offers from a simple massage to specific treatments by specialists. A team of massage specialists will give you the treatment you need to feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

The facilities include a sauna and an heated indoor pool and you can also enjoy full use of the hotel gym. The use of SPA and the facilities is included in the price, massages are not included. For a complete list of available massages and therapies please check the treatments menu.

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Join a week to relax, connect with nature and do activities like hiking surfing qigong and yoga. A deluxe surf and yoga retreat in Algarve Portugal in Europe to never forget.