Yoga Retreat Portugal Algarve June 2019

June is a great month to come for a yoga retreat in Portugal Algarve. Join for a week to enjoy some of the sunniest parts of Europe with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The Pure Flow Motions yoga retreats are a great way to learn more about mind and body, but also about nature. Join us to rejuvenate and reconnect life with nature and the big LIFE. Come join a week with us to discover and experience all the nature and elements this area has to offer.


yoga retreats Portugal June
June Yoga holiday Algarve
June Yoga retreat

June Yoga holiday Algarve Portugal

On this hiking surf and yoga retreat in Algarve Portugal in June we will take a lot of time to relax and connect to nature. June is a great month to do this; the beaches are still calm, the temperature is great and the waves are great. In this week you will have twice daily yoga classes, 2 wonderful hikes in the National Park and 3 surf of SUP classes. 

During this June yoga retreat in Portugal you will take time to develop a relaxed, content and happy state of being. Becoming more aware, and learning to flow with Life. Learn to take care of mind and body and to integrate mindfulness in all your daily life’s activities is essential for living a healthy and happy life.


"Without complete acceptance of your self and realizing the connection with a "Greater Self" there cannot be a free life "