Our Philosophy

Life is a great ocean of potentials. We are sailing on this ocean and we are the captain of our own ship. In order to set our destination and to sail where we want to sail, we have to maintain our vessel in good condition, we need to know the workings of our ship, the workings of the tides, the currents and the weather.

So too must we know the workings of our mind in order to create and to live fully. If we want to learn we have to pay attention. Attention, awareness or consciousness is something that we tend to lack during most of our lives. if we want to feel the connection with the Moment, the NOW, or God, the Creator or what ever way one looks at it, or whatever one wants to call it we have to become sensitive and conscious. We are a part of universal creation just as creation is a part of us. When we awaken we can flow and create harmoniously with the universal creative force.

We are conscious, sensitive and creative beings that have the power and the right to decide our state of mind. We experience this life with both our body and mind.  If they are healthy and 'correctly tuned', a harmonious life unfolds in and around us. If we are unaware of the workings of them and live with  unconsciously, we will be victims of all the negative states our thoughts and actions produce in our daily life. We can train our mind and body to become more aware and more conscious about our lives and the reality it produces. During this surf yoga retreat in Portugal you will develop a more content, creative and peaceful state of mind for a more enjoyable and connected life.

Yoga Retreat Sagres